Screenshot of Traction app

I pitched the idea for a harm reduction tracker app for my final project at Momentum Learning after years of volunteering with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, distributing Naloxone (Narcan) and other harm reduction supplies. Most of the tracking had been done with pen and paper then sent into a central office to be typed into a spreadsheet. I wanted a more efficient and accurate method of data collection for this and my team developed Traction to solve this.

Screenshot of Querulous app

Querulous was an individual student project at Momentum Learning. I learned much more about using gems and coding for RegExp, searches, and pagination. Created site similar to basic StackOverflow functionality. Also learned about API creation. Ruby on Rails.

Live site:

GitHub repo:

Screenshot of PHIGGit app

PHIGGit was a group project at Momentum Learning. Beginning to use Scrum Agile development techniques, but most of focus was on how to more effectively use Git and GitHub. Created an app similar to Reddit using Ruby on Rails.

Screenshot of Lazy River site

Lazy River and Happy Valley were two projects created at Momentum Learning on Glitch to jump into exploring HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned more about CSS grid and started exploring CSS flex-box techniques more just after that.

Lazy River:

Happy Valley:

See more of my exploration of CSS and some Javascript at my profile.