TriCollege Digital Collections

The TriCollege Library Consortium decided to move to the Islandora digital repository system for digital assets management and discovery. Much of my work was centered on learning how the system operated with a Drupal based front end running on Fedora Commons and Solr. I assisted mainly with accessibility testing using various techniques and browser extensions.


Screenshot of Triarte website

Early 2020 TriCo Special Collections upgraded to the then newest version of Gallery Systems' EmbARK Collections Management software. I worked with Bryn Mawr I&S to set up a virtual server for this system. Coordinating with the various institutional departments, I worked to migrate the old database to the new server and ensure the old database reindexed with the new server properly. Prior to the changeover, I began copying approximately 4TB of images over to the new server. After that was was completed, I worked with end users to install the new Client software on their devices.

This gave us the opportunity to update our TriArte website for discovery of the images and data. Working off of designers' mock-up images, I navigated, created, and updated the WebKiosk templates. This included having to customize some Bootstrap styling and use of jQuery. I wrote a short script to rotate the landing page background image and caption.

Traction app

Screenshot of Traction app

I pitched the idea for a harm reduction tracker app for my final project at Momentum Learning after years of volunteering with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, distributing Naloxone (Narcan) and other harm reduction supplies. Most of the tracking had been done with pen and paper then sent into a central office to be typed into a spreadsheet. I wanted a more efficient and accurate method of data collection for this and my team developed Traction to solve this.


Screenshot of PHIGGit app

PHIGGit was a group project at Momentum Learning. Beginning to use Scrum Agile development techniques, but most of focus was on how to more effectively use Git and GitHub. Created an app similar to Reddit using Ruby on Rails.

Glitch projects

Screenshot of Lazy River site

Lazy River and Happy Valley were two projects created at Momentum Learning on Glitch to jump into exploring HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned more about CSS grid and started exploring CSS flex-box techniques more just after that.

Lazy River:

Happy Valley:

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